Explore the National Park Beauties with Lake District Guided Walks

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The best way to get familiar with one of the most impressive UK National Parks is by taking part in a guided walk. Discover natural hidden treasures with Lake District walking tours.

The County of Cumbria has so much to offer to those who enjoy sightseeing. Lake District guided walks will prove to be a wonderful idea both for those who love to explore breathtaking sites and for those who plan a cultural expedition. Lake District has been the homeland of quite a few influential poets, who are sometimes referred to as the ‘Lake poets’. William Wordsworth is one of them, Samuel Taylor Coleridge another, Thomas De Quincy, and the group is more extended. Some of their historical houses are still open to receive tourists from all over the world. It’s no surprise that this region has been so close to the hearts of great poets, as it abounds of impressive, natural and diverse attractions. Deepest and longest lakes in England are to be found here, together with the highest mountain in England and beautiful forests.

Lake District guided walks are fully rewarding for those travelers who want to open their eyes to age-old traditions, incredible architecture and places of outstanding beauty. Literature and art are intimately associated with Lake District. You can include art galleries, museums, historical houses in your Lake District walking tours. Some famous authors were residents of this place, and their close friends came to visit or even live for period here. Here you’ll find some unique prints of their personal and professional life. Historical and cultural trademarks are abundant in Lake District, which makes this area even more appealing to people of all ages from all over the world.

For an authentic connection with the English heritage you should consider Lake District walking tours. This is why groups of students often explore Cumbria, accompanied by their teachers. Human settlements offer quite a unique picturesque sight.

Millions of tourists come to Lake District annually to explore the valleys, woodlands, the hills, to enjoy the climate, the mild light, the fresh air, the stunning beauty of the lakes and wildlife. Touristic attractions very condensed in this North West England place. That’s why Lake District guided walks can’t be disappointing for any tourist. What is most important is that you find guidance with your tours and you include all the important landmarks you want to see. A fully qualified guide knows what spots shouldn’t be missed for newcomers, and can always add new places of interests to the ‘must see’ list. You can discuss itinerary in advance and hire a coach or minibus to take you faster from one location to another. It would be a pity though not to enjoy a few long walks while visiting this amazing National Park.

So, find support with an experienced guide, make a list of touristic objectives you don’t want to miss and enjoy traveling through a site nominated as a World Heritage.