Family Activities

Looking for family fun activities?  Rain or shine, there are so many things to do with the kids.  And, it doesn’t have to cost a thing!  Make the most of the time you have together with simple and easy family games.

Looking for something to do that the whole family will enjoy and keep them occupied? Look no further. Below are ideas that will be fun for everyone in your family. Including great activities for kids to do when you hear those dreaded words of “there is nothing to do” or “we are bored.” From family road trips to rainy days when going outside is impossible. These family activities will keep everyone entertained!

Road Trip Fun

Tired of “Are we there yet?”, or “I’m bored!” Here are a couple of VERY easy family games great for in the car.


Start with the letter A. Say a word that begins with the letter, for example: Apple. The next person has to find a word to rhyme. Everyone takes a turn finding a rhyming word. The person who can’t think of a word that rhymes goes to the next letter of the alphabet and starts over. This keeps going until you reach the end of the alphabet.

One Word Association

Start with any word. The next person has to say another word that comes to their mind from the original word. This game can go for a long time because each person comes up with the new word which allows for a new association. A great family activity that will make a long road trip more like a short trip to the grocery store!

Example: Dog – bone – eat – dinner – cook – groceries – money – allowance – etc.

Seek Color

Look around as you are driving. Name items by color, not using a color twice.

The person who finds the most colors wins.

Example: Tree/green, road/gray, sign/yellow, car/blue, truck/red, etc.


Begin a sentence with 2 to 4 words. The next person repeats your words and then adds 2 to 4 words of their own and so on. This continues until it has gone around enough that the story is all mixed up or forgotten. A new person then starts a new story.

For example: (1st person) Yesterday I saw…

(2nd person)Yesterday I saw a big blue…

(3rd person) Yesterday I saw a big blue ox that was …

(4th person) Yesterday I saw a big blue ox that was sitting on top …

(5th person) etc.

Rainy Day Actives

Can’t send the kids outside to play? Try some of these activities for kids that are perfect for indoor fun.


Have the children dance around to a favorite CD. Ideally one that is fun and upbeat. When the music stops, the children must hold the exact position that they were in.  Anyone seen moving is out and the game continues until the last child remains. Have the children take turns running the music and you dance with them.


This game has been around for a long time. Although it is old, it is ALWAYS fun for both parent and child. Pick a few treasures… nothing fancy is needed… it can be candy, favorite toys, cut out stars etc. Hide them in the house if it is a rainy day or outdoors if it is a nice day. (Be sure to note where you hid them!) Draw a map with clues on how to find the hidden treasures. And, enjoy!!! If the game ended too soon, let the children hide the treasures and you try to find it!


Have a picnic inside on the floor. Have the children help you plan the menu. Maybe make a party out it and have each child invite a friend. Tell stories, by someone starting it, and then everyone adding a line. Let everyone’s imagination take the story to different places

Draw picture, take turns adding the details, and tell a story along with it.


What you will need: old magazines, safety scissors for kids, glue stick, construction paper, crayons or markers

Give each child a magazine and have them go through it and cut out their favorite things (favorite animals, food, flowers, toys, etc.) Have them paste the pictures onto a piece of construction paper. They can decorate their collage with the crayons and markers. Then have the children explain what their collage is about and why they cut out the items that they did.