Keeping Teenagers Occupied on Family Activity Holidays

Family activity holidays can be lots of fun, but everyone has to be catered for. Here are some activities that will get your teenagers excited.

Travelling with teens can be tricky, especially when they are at the age when they crave independence from you, as their parents, but are still not old enough to head out into the big wide world on their own. One of the best ways to keep them close but still give them the freedom they need to explore on their own, try out new activities, and meet new friends, is to take them on one of the many thrilling family activity holidays I organise with my team.

Getting The Teens Enthused

Active teenagers can be tough to keep occupied, but on family activity holidays there are so many options that are bound to get them excited. When kids get to a certain age, they want to challenge themselves – try new activities that require more strength, balance, endurance and skill. So when you are choosing one of our family activity holidays on offer, why not consider picking one that includes one or more of these teenager focussed experiences?

Surfing and Kitesurfing

For any fun loving teenager, the idea of getting involved in the iconic sport of surfing is very exciting. Requiring a combination of strength, balance and concentration, this sport demands patience but reaps huge rewards. Your kids will not only learn the techniques of the sport, but will also engage with their environment and develop a newfound respect for the elements. The south-west coast of France in Aquitaine and the coast to the North of Lisbon in Portugal are excellent places to learn to surf.

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport that is perfect for the older, more adventurous teen. As long as an experienced instructor accompanies them, they will be able to develop skills confidently and safely. One of the best places for kids to get involved in kitesurfing on family activity holidays is at the Kitesurfing and Windsurfing School in Antigua.

Paddle Boarding

This exciting sport is the fastest growing water sport in the world and you can take part on lakes, in the sea, in rivers, in bays and even in swimming pools. It is geared to people of all ages and, because it is relatively easy to get going, kids will be riding in no time. Demanding flexibility, core strength, and balance, the sport will keep your teenagers busy for hours trying to perfect their performance. Nimmo Bay in Canada offers the chance for paddle boarders to watch the bears while paddling along their route, and at Nonsuch Bay in Antigua you can delight in crystal clear waters and stunning white sandy bays.

Mountain Biking

This is another activity perfect for teenagers. Most kids can ride a bike, so why not let them get out on a mountain bike and explore the cross-country, downhill, and free-ride trails? You can go with them or let them head off with a guide.

Many multi-activity destinations that host family activity holidays have become more accommodating for mountain bikers. European ski resorts open up in the summer to offer glorious mountain playgrounds perfect for discovering on two wheels, while the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and the Sella Ronda Hero are popular biking destinations in North America. Of course, you can pick and choose the difficulty of the routes and with so many options, everyone will be catered for.

At Summit & Blue we use local suppliers and expert guides and instructors for all sports so you can rest assured that, especially if you are not accompanying your kids, they will be well taken care of.

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